A team led by Prof. C Venkatesan of the department of mechanical engineering at the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Jodhpur is working on artificial intelligence (AI)-powered all-terrain vehicle, designed especially for deserts like that in western Rajasthan.

Venkatesan said that the researchers hope to program the vehicle so that it can make intelligent decisions based on the situation. The concept is to develop a vehicle capable of moving effortlessly on the sand, capable of transforming its shape in such a way that it can cross any dunes or rocky surfaces as a man would.

Venkatesan confirmed a detailed presentation was made to DRDO and they are on board the project and have asked to submit a detailed proposal. “The vehicle will be compact. It could resemble a car, a dog, a human, or something else – that will be decided later. “This concept will be realized using sensors, AI, robotics, and other related technologies,” he said.