According to Reuters Indian submariners and engineers are working on the manufacturing of the first diesel class submarine for Taiwan that will be launched by end of this year with great help coming from its Western friends will French providing consultancy services and the United States and Germany providing some of the key technologies blocks for the development of the submarine for an island nation that has Chinese navy breathing fire on its neck every other day.

Taiwan is not developing some puny little submarine it will be a 2500-ton class submarine that has displacement over Scorpène class submarine that India recently manufactured with Transfer of Technology from the French Naval Group. success full completion of this program should have been enough for the Navy to kick start local submarine production but the Indian Navy is still not convinced that it is ready yet.

Project-75I like its predecessor has been going around Indian bureaucracy red tape for almost a decade now and it is clear now that they won’t emerge winner until 2025 and the first submarine will hit the water only sometime in 2032-33 will be 15 years after the first submarine from the Project-75 was inducted into Indian Navy.

By 2030, All Kilo-class submarines will have been retired and older German Type 209 submarines too will have been long gone. India’s plans to field 24 Diesel class submarines are going nowhere as India starts inducting project-75I submarines it will be down to just six submarines and the addition of another six will be just the halfway mark on its objective to achieve the goal of 24 submarines.

Project-76 program should be activated by 2025 and another 12 submarines need to be developed by two separate production lines to achieve the target of 24 submarines by 2035 or else we will be falling behind every other country in the region when it comes to submarine fleet.

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