The ‘Make in India’ initiative has been promoting the development of the country’s indigenous manufacturing capabilities. As part of this initiative, Indian industries are now being invited to create repair and overhaul facilities for western-origin aircraft. The move is expected to enhance the country’s defense capabilities, as well as provide an opportunity for local businesses to develop their technical expertise.

To evaluate the infrastructure and capabilities of interested parties, a capability assessment is currently underway. This assessment will help determine the suitability of the companies to undertake repair and overhaul work for western-origin aircraft.

The initiative comes at a crucial time, as maintenance support contracts for some western-origin aircraft are set to finish. This will put foreign suppliers who had promised to transfer repair and overhaul facilities to India at the time of purchase to the test.

The Chinook, Apache, and C 130J transport aircraft are among the western-origin aircraft that could potentially be part of the initiative. These aircraft have been important assets in India’s defense arsenal and ensuring that they are maintained and overhauled efficiently is crucial to their continued operational readiness.

Overall, the initiative to develop repair and overhaul facilities for western-origin aircraft in India is a significant step towards achieving the country’s goals of self-reliance and indigenization in the defense sector. It also provides an opportunity for local businesses to develop their technical capabilities, and contribute to the growth of the country’s manufacturing sector.