After suffering three months of delays due to the Second wave of CCP Virus in the country, Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) is said to be readying four Final Operational Configuration LCA-Tejas Mk1 that will be handed over to IAF by end of this month as per their Q1 obligations of the FY2021-22. HAL Chairman recently claimed that 10 more will be handed over by Q4 in March 2022 but with restricted production capacities, CCP virus delays and disturbed supplied chain means, deliveries might not happen in March of 10 jets. has been informed that HAL is working overtime to recover lost man-hours but instead has managed only manufacturing SP-21 and SP-22. SP-19 and SP-20 were manufactured in the Previous FY2020-21. SP-17 and SP-18 already have been handed over to the IAF. Delivery of SP-23 to SP-32 by March 2022 will be too heavy of a task.

HAL had plans to manufacture the first 16 LCA-Tejas Trainer for FY2022-23 and commence production of the remaining 2 Trainer for FY2023-24 along with the production of 8 upgraded Tejas Mk1A fighter jets that were ordered by IAF earlier this year.

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