The Indian Air Force (IAF) tender to procure 114 Multi-Role Fighter Aircraft (MRFA) program might finally get going when IAF frames its Service Quantitative requirements by end of this year which will set the ball rolling in 2024 to issue a Request for Proposal (RFP) sometime in mid of 2024. Service Quantitative requirement will take out some of the prospective bidders from the tender since the RFP process from issue to getting a proposal to scrutinizing bid details may take another 2 years. has been told that MRFA Technical evaluation trials will be limited to testing additional capabilities that are on offer which were not on offer or were not available at the time of the technical evaluation trial that happened under the now-canceled MMRCA tender.

MRFA Tender will see the entry of Sukhoi-35 and F-15EX that were not part of the MMRCA Tender due to which will require thorough Technical evaluation trials if they manage to reach the RFP stage while others on offer will be tested only for capabilities that were not available at last round of technical trials. While Rafale remains the favorite to bag the order but India will be offered either F4 or F5 standards which are much more superior to the current 3FR standard operated by the Indian Air Force.

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