A 160km long-range air to air missile dubbed Astra Mk2 has been fabricated for testing for some time now but waits conclusion of the captive and separation trials which has been told will be completed soon before it can be tested some times in early 2022 for which DRDO has planned nearly 10-12 trials of the new missile in course of next two years before it is cleared to enter production in 2024 if all results are satisfactory and meet requirements set by the IAF.

Solid fuel-based ducted ramjet (SFDR) propulsion technology-based Astra MkIII with a range of 70-340km will be ready to enter the fabrication and trial stage in 2024-25 as has been informed that the DRDO is carrying out some design improvements on the missile that it plans to validate in 2022 by carrying out fresh ground trials of the missile.

LCA-Tejas will become the second aircraft type to get Astra Mk1 Beyond Visual range Air to Air missiles certified as missile integration is nearing completion and captive and separation trials with the dummy missile are likely to be tested soon that will be immediately followed with a live trial of the missile system in early 2022.

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