French company Dassault Aviation already has handed over the last three Rafale with India-specific enhancements (ISE) a few days back that have 13 hardware and software changes that India had asked for. IAF will start its ferry flight to India later this week as last of all contracted 36 jets will have been delivered to India that was signed in 2016.

All the 13 ISE are already certified by the concerned authorities and this will be incorporated into all 33 jets that were previously delivered to IAF in the coming weeks with the major part will be the incorporation of some components by a team of Dassault Engineers in India.

While it is not disclosed what are 13 ISE, it suspected that it is related to be long-range air-to-air missiles, low band frequency jammers, advanced communication systems, more capable radio altimeter, radar warning receiver, flight data recorder, high-altitude engine start-up, synthetic aperture radar, ground moving target indicator and tracking, infra-red search and track, helmet-mounted display, missile approach warning systems, and very high-frequency range decoys.

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