LCA Tejas squadron, 45 Squadron (Flying Daggers) based out of Sulur will be moved to the border on the eastern front to tackle rising scrambles of fighter jets in the area that has heightened tensions with China on the Ladakh front.

IAF has been using Mig-29UPG and Mirage-2000 to counter Chinese fighter aircraft that flew very close to a friction point in Ladakh. IAF has now decided to deploy Rafale and LCA-Tejas Mk1 Squadron in case it is required to take care of any possible action by the adversary.

LCA-Tejas during its winter trials had demonstrated its ability to operate in extreme cold (around -15ºC) weather in Ladakh without any external assistance. Regular Scrambles by the Chinese in the area is seen as attempts to tire down the Indian Air Force fleet and moving of Rafale and LCA-Tejas might be seen as IAF’s attempt to reduce fatigue by other fleet type operating in the area.

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