As per the latest media reports, the Indian Air Force has decided to equip its frontline Air superiority Su-30MKI fighter jets with Israeli X-Guard, a fiber optic towed decoy designed to protect airborne platforms against modern Radio frequency-guided (RF) missiles and lure air defense systems away from the aircraft.

X-Guard creates a false target signal to divert the incoming RF missile from the protected platform to increase missile miss distance dramatically. X-Guard can be used in all operational missions to counter air-to-air and surface-to-air missile threats.

As per Rafael Advanced Defense Systems, makers of the X-GUARD fiber optic towed decoy system can be mounted on air to air or in the air to a ground station that is deployable and retractable mid-flight upon detection of the imminent threat. Each aircraft can carry multiple X-GUARD decoy systems and the number of units that have been ordered is not yet disclosed.

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