Indian Air Force has issued RFI (request for information) for Long Range Guidance kit with Warhead for 560 units that will further increase to 1500 units to be used against soft targets such as bridges, roads, communication centers, and hard targets such as bunkers and underground facilities which are located deep inside enemy territory.

The long-range guidance kits with warheads are intended to be installed on fighter aircraft of the Indian Armed Forces using a standard suspension system. RFI seeks that LR-PGK is compatible with Rafale, LCA, and Mirage 2000 aircraft, and aircraft carrier-based present and future fighter aircraft on Indian Navy for the drop from the cleared bomb racks for carriage of bombs of 250 kg caliber on all feasible stations of the aircraft.

The Government of India invites responses to this request only from Indian vendors / Indian Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM).

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