Indian Air Force (IAF) is engaging with Indian Defence PSU and Private sector companies to develop a turbojet-powered loitering munition that can be air-launched from fighter jets and have a distance of 200km. has been told that an Indian Private sector company is already working on Air Launched propeller-driven Loitering Munition that is presently currently going through internal trials and will be ready for developmental trials from 2023 onwards and Turbojet-Powered Loitering Munition will be needed for the tactical kinetic advantage that comes with it.

Turbojet-Powered Loitering Munition will be much faster than propeller-driven Loitering Munition which will help it evade air defense systems much better and lower reaction time for the enemy air defense crew.

Turbojet-Powered Loitering Munition will have a two-way data link and an integrated dual electro-optic/infrared sensor that can operate day and night and offer much better performance in adverse weather conditions at higher altitudes where the weather can play a crucial factor. Turbojet-Powered Loitering Munition will be cheaper than Air Launched Cruise Missiles which are much more expensive.

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