Cochin Shipyard Limited (CSL) Director recently confirmed to the media that the INS Vikrant is set to go for the last leg of its sea trials after which it will be officially handed over to the Indian Navy by end of May. INS Vikrant will be commissioned into the Indian Navy in August around independence day. has learned that the last leg of trials will see touch and go landing on the aircraft carrier by the Mig-29K at high sea and later take-off and landings from its deck. In previous trials, Mig-29K was placed in the aircraft carrier with the help of cranes to study the deck and hangar movements onboard the aircraft carrier.

CSL which took 13 years from laying its foundation to delivery of the aircraft carrier, now has claimed that the sister-class of INS Vikrant can be developed in flat 5 years if the Navy plans to for IAC-II that is based on the 45000-ton design. Indian Navy wanted IAC-II to be a 65000-ton aircraft carrier, but has scaled down its requirements and now IAC-II might be a 55000-ton stretched Vikrant design to save time and cost in its development since the majority of the funding for the program will come from the Indian Navy since MOD is not keen on IAC-II at the moment and favors SSN program.

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