In a historic first, Major Sarabjeet Singh from the Indian Army’s Sikh Regiment and his wife, Assistant Commandant Chunauti Sharma from the Indian Coast Guard, marched side-by-side on the Kartavya Path during this year’s Republic Day parade. This power couple’s synchronized steps not only showcased their dedication to the nation but also symbolized the growing role of women in the Indian armed forces.

Major Singh, a decorated officer with several years of experience, led the Sikh Regiment contingent with pride. His wife, Assistant Commandant Sharma, commanded the Indian Coast Guard contingent with equal distinction, becoming the first woman to do so in the Republic Day parade’s history.

The couple’s participation in the parade has garnered widespread appreciation and admiration. Their story is an inspiration to young people, especially those aspiring to join the armed forces. It is a testament to the evolving dynamics of gender roles in India and the increasing opportunities for women in traditionally male-dominated professions.