Defense Public Sector Undertaking Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd (HAL) recently revealed plans to sell nearly 220 units of Hindustan Turbo Trainer-40 (HTT-40) aircraft in the foreign market for which it plans to develop an Extremely Rugged Light Attack Aircraft based on the HTT-40 platform that is fully integrated with EO/IR system that can be used for Border Patrol, Interdiction and Counter Air, and Armed Reconnaissance (Recce) operations.

Indian Air Force is looking to procure 70+36 Basic Training Aircraft to be used for imparting Advanced Training for new pilots at Stage-I. IAF is not looking to procure the Light Attack Aircraft variant that was proposed by the HAL. HAL instead now wants to focus on the sale of Light Attack Aircraft variant to other countries. has been told that HTT-40 LAA will have more rugged landing gear so that it can operate from Semi-Prepared Runways from the Forward Operating Bases. HTT-40 can operate from Desert / Sandy Environments and has demonstrated operations in Hot & High altitude areas.

Both BTA and Armed variants of HTT-40 will be promoted to countries that are looking to procure low-cost Light Attack Aircraft for Close Air Support in Precise air-to-ground attack operations and Target reconnaissance and designation.

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