India’s state-owned Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) designed and developed HTFE-25 (Hindustan Turbo Fan Engine) a 25 kN turbofan engine that has achieved its designed thrust levels in trials and a fully completed engine has also been developed. HAL has claimed that in the acceleration trials HTFE-25 has achieved up to 55% of the speed and slowly that will be enhanced in further trials to achieve its designed thurst levels in a set time.

Two core engines have that have been produced so far and are undergoing development trials. Cold weather trials and Hot weather high altitude trials were completed at Leh. The engine can be used on a 5-ton weight class aircraft in a single engine configuration and on aircraft of up to nine-ton weight class with a twin-engine configuration.

Since 2013-14, HAL has spent around 159 crores on the design and development of the engine that was supposed to have been completed in 2020-21, but it will likely get its Military worthiness certification by 2024-25. HAL had proposed the development of an afterburner section for the engine that could have been able to generate a 40kN class of Thrust when the afterburner was engaged but it’s not clear if it will be developed.

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