India’s Defence Research and Development Organisation and British multinational aerospace and defense company Rolls-Royce are working on creating a basic framework under which both companies have the desire to co-develop and co-create a new jet engine where Intellectual Property (IP) will be India owning but it is more of a Joint Intellectual Property (IP) where both agree to share costs equally and decide to split ownership the trademark and other IP rights. spoke to a Senior Aerospace company official who has handled dealings with Joint Intellectual Property (IP) contracts in the past and knows how standard Joint Intellectual Property (IP) is usually followed by all major aerospace engine manufactures with local partners that often is also used by the Rolls-Royce that DRDO is dealing with. this is what we got in the complicated subject.

Joint Intellectual Property (IP) allows each joint owner power to independently sell, license, or otherwise exploit the technology that they own IP of without the approval of the other. DRDO will be free to use or license the copyright and create an authorized Jet derivative works without the consent of Rolls-Royce. DRDO or any manufacturing partner of this engine will need to share any profits they make on each engine that is sold to IAF by the manufacturing partner of the jet that is intended to power.

Joint Intellectual Property (IP) also means that both DRDO and Rolls-Royce will have to monitor and control the quality of the engine that will be manufactured along with the spare supply chain with the service intervals that are required to be followed. Co-owner retains the profit-sharing ratio even on the derivative engine that might be developed at a later stage.

While the finer details of the engine deal between DRDO and Rolls-Royce might never emerge in a public forum, what we can expect in holding Joint Intellectual Property rights will be what is followed and is a standard practice in the aerospace companies world over is what we have put together.

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