After India revoked Kashmir’s special status, Pakistan along with Liberal-infested Western media have accused India of engineering a demographic change in Muslim-inhabited areas of Kashmir. Many reports and articles coming from the Indian side too have sided with the Pakistani narrative for long that today we are seeing Terror groups that have been targeting Kashmir Pandits and other Indians in the valley of late have justified their actions. Kashmir remains 97% predominantly Muslim and the recent issuing of domicile certificates to people who have stayed in the valley for over 15 years has been used as a front by many to attack India of late from all corners.

With narrative at the international media and academic front siding with the Pakistani side and pull out of NATO forces from Afghanistan it was a matter of weeks if not months before Islamic terror raised its ugly head again in the valley. Pakistan seems to have a clear intention to start another exodus of minorities from the valley like it has planned after the pull and later fall of the soviet union from Afghanistan.

The present Government at the center has been talking about the resettlement of 5-6 lacks Kashmir Pandit back in the valley and the spate of recent killings is a clear message from Islamabad that it won’t tolerate any change in the Kashmir demography where the majority remains Muslims so that its claim on the valley remains unchallenged for more decades to come.

The present Government also has shot itself on the foot by bringing stringent domicile laws that make it difficult for anyone to buy land, vote, or get a government job in the valley that will ensure no demographic change ever takes place even though it continues to be accused of the demographic change for the propaganda purpose by vested parties.

Kashmiri Politicians along with leftist media houses in India have been using International platforms of accusing the Indian government of carrying out demographic change when the government has been doing the opposite. After being 7 years in Power, the government has failed to agree to resettlement plans let alone work on creating Panun Kashmir a proposed union territory of India in the Kashmir Valley, intended to be a homeland for Kashmiri Hindus.

With the Taliban back in control of Afghanistan and Pakistan again getting its focus back on Kashmir, the Present government is walking in the footsteps of the previous Congress government that allowed a spike in terror incidents in the valley and exodus of Kashmiri pandits from the Valley.

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