Pakistan Air Force (PAF) recently inducted 14 JF-17B Block-2 Twin seater Trainer jets in its existing JF-17 squadrons to be used as conversion trainer jets for incoming new Pilots at the Squadron level and many Indians couldn’t resist themselves from taking a dig at ugly looking outbound hinges sported on the Side-Hinged Canopies that was adopted for the Twin seater trainer jet while the singe seater jets still come with Rear Hinged Tilt-Up Canopy.

Engineers usually design a type of canopy keeping in mind the overall appearance, headroom, ease of installation, safety of the installation in regards to canopy security, as well as the ease of entry and egress to and from the cockpit. JF-17B’s one-piece bubble canopy installation seems to be resting on piano hinges that have not been seen in a modern fighter jet in a very long time, even decades perhaps and the cost factor seems to have played a vital role in the decision-making process of the Chinese Engineers of JF-17.

JF-17 block-2 often is dubbed as the cheapest fighter jet around, with a price range of $30-35M per unit. But to see 4 outbound piano hinges that are often found at local hardware store used on what is often called a 4.5th Generation fighter jet also points out to the amount of cost-cutting this jet has gone through to arrive at this price point. While many may dismiss this as a jealous rant of Indians, it also a fact that 80’s designed Mig-21 Trainers had better-looking hinges, even Chinese-developed and operated low-cost Trainer like L-15 LIFT can be seen below with much smoother and efficient inbound hinges on its Side-Hinged Canopies.

We leave you with some of the Side-Hinged Canopies in various aircraft to decide what you think about it, for Pakistani people who often rant that the JF-17 is comparable to the Indian Rafale fighter jet, please spend some more money on jets you buy.

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