HTNP Industries a defense and Space startup working on Hypersonic weapons has showcased a scale model of its HGV-202F, India’s first hypersonic boost-glide vehicle that is an unpowered vehicle capable of gliding on the upper hypersonic speeds with a medium-range strike capability. The company claims that HGV-202F will be faster than existing cruise missiles and much more maneuverable than existing ballistic missile re-entry vehicles (RVs).

The maneuverability allows it to change course up to the last minutes of flight and achieve a high degree of targeting precision. The unusual altitude and flight path of hypersonic missiles can result in their being invisible to existing missile early-warning radars for much of their trajectory.

Within reach of 20 minutes from the launch site, HGV-202F will be able to cover 5000km and can target areas of the neighboring countries up to Japan in the east, up to Middle-East in the west.

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