Digitisation, automation and data analytics should be exploited to enhance logistics capabilities of the Indian Air Force, Air Chief Marshal VR Chaudhari said on Tuesday. In his address at a seminar, the Chief of the Air Staff also referred to the disruptions in the global supply chains due to Covid-19 pandemic, Russia-Ukraine conflict, trade barriers and tariff wars, and called for guarding against such vulnerabilities.

“Global supply chains have become increasingly complex and interconnected, driven by the manuscripts of international trade and advances in technology. The defence sector is not an exception to this trend,” he said.

Air Chief Marshal Chaudhuri said the IAF relies heavily on global supply chains for delivery of critical components, equipment and services to maintain its combat potential at optimum level.

“In recent times the world has witnessed multiple and varied disruptions like COVID-19 pandemic, Russia-Ukraine conflict, trade barriers, tariff wars, environmental compliance policies,” he said.

“Such events have highlighted the vulnerability of supply chains to disruptions,” he added.

The Chief of Air Staff further said that “to mitigate such disruptions leveraging emerging trends such as digitisation, automation and data analytics should be exploited to enhance IAF logistics capabilities.”

The Chief of Air Staff was addressing the National Logistics Management Seminar on the theme ‘Leverage Emerging Global Supply Chain to Enhance Logistics Capabilities While Absorbing Disruptions’.

During the seminar, prominent speakers, over three sessions, deliberated and discussed issues related to logistics issues in the IAF.

The discussions ranged from future prospects of the domestic aviation industry, modern trends in supply chain management & warehousing, and public procurement initiatives.