Hindustan Aeronautics (HAL) has confirmed that the last of the production aircraft has rolled out of the assembly line at HAL MiG complex in Nashik. the 222nd Sukhoi-30MKI aircraft has been flight tested and now waits delivery to the Indian Air Force (IAF). HAL received three contracts for license production. These involved a contract for 140 aircraft in December 2000, 40 in March 2007, and 42 in December 2012. The first HAL-assembled SU-30MKI was delivered to the air force in November 2004.

The last Sukhoi-30mki is modified to carry the BrahMos supersonic cruise missile and now HAL waits for a final order of 12 aircraft that has been cleared by MOD but the contract is yet to be inked due to price negotiation with Russia. HAL has proposed to develop 12 additional with Super-Sukhoi upgrade kits that HAL has developed along with its partners in DRDO. First, two aircraft will be technology demonstrator aircraft to integrate and test all the proposed upgrades to the aircraft including Indian-made AESA radar and avionics along with an indigenous weapons system.

HAL plans to overhaul 15 aircraft per year from its Aircraft Overhaul Division at Nashik, which will cater to 20 aircraft per year in later stages. HAL facility at Nashik will also be used to upgrade existing Sukhoi-30MKI aircraft in the IAF fleet under the Super-Sukhoi upgrade program when the program is sanctioned.

HAL plans to create an additional LCA-Tejas aircraft facility at Nashik that will cater to the production of at least 5 aircraft per year from 2024 onwards for which it plans to train present engineers and technicians of the plant in Bengaluru in the coming months. 2 LCA-Tejas production facilities in Bengaluru can manufacture 16 jets per year.

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