Following multiple reports of Aluminum Control Rods wearing out prematurely on the ALH-Dhruv platform, HAL has decided to replace them with steel ones. The ALH-Dhruv had been largely grounded after a Navy chopper crashed, and subsequent tests revealed control rod issues in many of the helicopters. After investigations, it was determined that they could fly for 100 hours before being tested again.

HAL officials have now stated that the replacement program will begin soon, with the new steel control rods expected to be easier to maintain. The replacement process is anticipated to take about a year. Despite being acceptable to the armed forces, the ALH-Dhruv has been plagued by control rod problems. However, with the introduction of the new steel control rods, these issues may become a thing of the past.

This decision comes after multiple accounts of early fatigue in the aluminum control rods, causing them to wear out before completing their engineered life. HAL officials have said that the new steel control rods will offer a better lifespan and increase the reliability of the platform. The replacement program is expected to address the problems faced by operators of the ALH-Dhruv platform and ensure that the platform performs as per the expectations of the armed forces.