Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd (HAL) and French engine-maker, Safran Helicopter Engines more or less have agreed to develop a customized engine based on the Makila 2B engine for India’s 13-ton IMRH (Indian Multi-Role Helicopter) and Deck Based Multi-Role Helicopter, (DBMRH) program.

Makila 2B features a new combustion chamber and high-power turbine blades that will permit take-off of a significant increase of MTOW in CAT A conditions Reducing maintenance costs and providing an increased TBO of 4,000 hours. Makila 2B engines are used on the newest Airbus Helicopters EC225e and H225M Caracal.

Makila 2B is fourteen percent more powerful than the 2A and delivers a take-off power of 2,101 shp and a cruising power of 1,970 shp. Makila 2B comes with a Dual channel FADEC to lighten the pilot workload and improve mission safety.

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