After setting an ambitious developmental trial conclusion date of 2026-27 for the Tejas MkII program, State-owned Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) has set even ambitious target to conclude deliveries of the six squadrons of the Tejas MkII jets to the Indian Air force by 2031-32 as per in-house approved production timeline.

Production will begin immediately from 2027 onwards with deliveries planned in the same financial year with the rate of production picking up pace from 2028 onwards. in the previous report had confirmed HAL plans to scale up production to 30 aircraft per year and the same might be achieved for the Tejas MkII program.

2031-32 is not only the deadline to deliver all Tejas MkII aircraft to IAF but also to manufacture reserve panels and airframe components meant for storage so that can be used on in-service aircraft in case of any accident-related damages that might require replacements years down the line.

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