After the closure of the Su-30MKi plant, Aircraft Division Nasik, is now shifting its focus to manufacturing parts and assembling structures for the LCA Tejas Mk1A and AMCA program as seen with recent tender activities that were for the Welded Structure of Lca Wing Jig.

HAL LCA division at Bengaluru that is in charge of manufacturing LCA-Tejas Mk1 recently started the shift to start manufacturing 18 LCA-Tejas Trainer jets and will shift to Tejas Mk1A jets from 2023-24 onwards again. HAL wants to use the Nashik facility to enhance the Tejas Mk1A production rate from 16 to 21 for which it plans to create the necessary infrastructure at the Nashik factory so that it can be used to manufacture 5 additional Tejas Mk1A per year for domestic and export markets.

HAL Nashik also has been roped in for the AMCA program and at least a few structures and other components for the first five prototypes and pre-production AMCA will be manufactured in the facility.

HAL Nashik use to manufacture 12 Su-30MKI per year and now will be used for a Major overhaul of the fleet. HAL Nashik also has been used to assemble Mig-27 and Su-7 in the past.

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