Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) is developing a new variant of India’s Tejas Mk1 fighter jet, keep in mind demands to cater to the export market which will be marketed as TejEx. Harsh Vardhan Thakur, Test Pilot with HAL was first to confirm this development and he also confirmed that the TejEx will come loaded with supplemented local sensors and weapons replacing some of the imported systems already in the Tejas Mk1.

While HAL has not revealed what will be replaced or substituted in TejEx, a few years back was informed that Export-oriented baseline Tejas Mk1 will come with non-Israeli and Russian weapons and systems customized as per interested countries.

Some countries are ok with Russian systems and some not so with Israeli system and it’s vice a versa for some other countries so to cater to this requests, TejEx will have local or substitute option for each of these sensors and weapons starting with Indo-Israeli developed MMR Radar based on ELTA’s ELM-2032 and substituting its main AAMs like I-Derby and R-73 with Astra and ASRAAM or vice a versa as per export customer requirement.

TejEx will be pitched to potential export customers with multiple options for its main sensors and weapons package and customer is free to choose between them. The influx of Russian and Western along with Indian technology in Tejas Mk1 and further improvements in weapons and sensors in Tejas Mk1A means customers can choose between both variants also.


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