HAL has started groundwork to flight certify the HTFE-25 engine before 2025 and is panning to start integration of the engine possibly on the company-owned Hawk-I AJT or on the LSP HJT-36 IJT aircraft in 2022 onwards. MoD-owned Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd (HAL) has been developing an HTFE-25, a 25kN dry thrust since 2013 and completed its first engine core’s inaugural run in 2015, since then HAL has tested two technology demonstrator engines and recently completed Sea-level trials and performance were found to be satisfactory. HTFE-25 once certified can be used on a 5-ton weight class aircraft in single-engine configuration and on aircraft of up to nine-ton weight class with twin-engine configuration.

HAL is planning to replace Russia’s NPO Saturn supplied AL-55 (17.3 kN) turbofan engines that are presently used to power HAL developed HJT-36 Intermediate Jet trainer aircraft. HJT-36 IJT program has been officially delinked from the MoD-IAF funding program after years of delays and failure to clear Spin trials while the program presently is running on the internal funds provided by the company.

HJT-36 IJT Prototype is back in the air after going through massive changes to the tail section so that it will be able to clear spin trials that were one of the key criteria of the Indian Air Force (IAF) before it decides to rejoin the program and places orders for the jet.

In 2019, HAL had offered to develop an afterburning variant of the HTFE-25 that could have lead to the development of the HTFE-40 engine for which HAL had requested funds from the MoD-IAF so that it can be used to power a small fleet of Jaguar strike aircraft.

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