First Annual Webinar on the ” Aero Gas-Turbine Engine Development in India”, where DRDO-GTRE revealed plans to develop a new high thrust engine for the AMCA program and gave out some of the details of the new proposed engine. The new engine will have a Dry thrust of 72.5kN and a Wet thrust of 110kN class that will have a supercruise thrust of Mach 1.3 at 39,000 ft.

In the webinar, DRDO also talked about spinoff programs that can be developed from the 110kN thrust class engine that includes a Futuristic Dry engine, Uprated 130kN Class engine for future, Marine Gas Turbine engine, Turbo-shaft engine, Turbo Fan engine, and Turbo Prop engine.

The spinoff Turbo Fan engine and Turbo Prop engine will be used on the proposed 90–110-seater Regional Transport Aircraft (RTA) that NAL plans to develop in India. Futuristic Dry engine of 72.5kN thrust likely to be used on a Military Transport aircraft program of Indian origin.

DRDO claims the engine will be superior to the EJ-200 engine class that is used to power Eurofighter Typhoon and 28 acres of land have been sanctioned for setting up of a new ground facility that will be used as a testbed for the new engine development program. DRDO says that the facility will be ready in 3-4 years after the contract is signed with an international development partner and plans are to also procure 60-70 acres of more land for establishing an altitude test facility at an estimated cost of 4000 crores.

Talking about the Kaveri engine, DRDO has confirmed that flutter issues have been resolved and a complete review done by the French Safran in 2018 cleared it for the flight that the company plans to commence this year by conducting Altitude Testing at the Central Institute of Aviation Motors (CIAM), Russia using the Flying Test Bed (FTB) trials of Kaveri engine on IL-76 aircraft at Gromov Flight Research Institute near Moscow.

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