Indian company Godrej has joined hands with French company CERBAIR to develop a man-portable anti-drone special gun that has been designed as a special anti-UAV drone system for VVIP security. According to the company CHIMERA, 100 is a complete portable counter-drone solution designed to detect, identify, track and neutralize rogue drones.

According to the Godrej company, the Chimera system can track any drone as it has a special antenna that the jawan can keep on its back as a backpack. It jams the radio frequency (RF) of the drone. With this, the enemy drone will either fall to the ground or it goes back to its range. According to the company, the static version of the Chimera has a range of 4-5 km. It can be installed in any sensitive building or rally etc., where VVIPs are present.

CHIMERA 100 is the long-dreamt fusion of detection, location, and neutralization technologies into a unified portable format for demanding security operators. This highly configurable platform provides flexibility to the larger C2 it can connect with.

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