The government of India (GOI) plans to sanction Glidefire Surface to Surface Missile (SSM) under Make-II (Industry Funded) with Industrial partners where no Government funding will be provided for prototype development purposes. Glidefire SSM is intended to be a lightweight, modular, and cost-effective missile solution to target enemy ships/ land targets. The missile would use hybrid propulsion to achieve a maximum speed of at least 200Okts (Mach 2.9) in the terminal phase and unique controllable surfaces to undertake precise engagement of enemy targets at extended ranges up to 180 Km.

The Glidefire SSM is intended to be launched from a modular scalable launcher from Indian Naval Ships including the existing Universal Vertical Launcher fitted on IN Ships. The associated systems of the weapon complex include Fire Control System, Launcher, Connectors, Cables, and interface with ship-borne systems.

Indigenization content in the Glidefire SSM is required to be 50% as per DAP-20. The Navy plans to procure a total of two prototypes and 115 Glidefire SSMs.

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