SOURCE: RAUNAK KUNDE / NEWS BEAT / IDRW.ORG was the first to break the news that General Electric (GE) has offered India its high-trust F-414 engine that can generate 116kN to power AMCA Mk1, but a report by ” BUSINESSWORLD ” now confirms that GE has now also offered to co-develop and co-produce this engine in India after getting requisite permissions from the American weapons export control regime that earlier was reluctant to share core or hot engine technology with India leading to the cancellation of talks in 2019 between both the governments.

GE is offering its F414-400 Enhanced Engine that can generate a 116 kN (26,000 lb) class of thrust which means it can also be used for AMCA Mk2 since it has the same length (154 in) as the baseline F414-INS6 (98 kN) variant that has been ordered to power Tejas Mk2 and TEDBF and 2 Squadrons of AMCA Mk1 that will reduce the need for re-engineering of engine bay section and need for change in retro-fitment of all control and fuel lines.

According to GE Aviation, the F414 Enhanced Engine will feature several improvements over the standard F414-GE-400, including greater resistance to foreign object damage, reduced fuel burn rate, and potentially increased thrust of up to 20%. India and France have been having talks for joint development of a new engine that will have an Indian cold section of the engine like a fan and an afterburner section mated to French core technology, it is not clear if GE has made a similar offer to India.

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