Bharat Forge’s Garuda 105mm 37 cal ultra-light gun often called Go-Anywhere Gun has been under Army trials for over six months in the Northern and Eastern areas in the mountains and will be getting clearance from the Indian Army soon leading to orders for the sometime in early or mid-2023.

105mm ultra-light field gun Garuda-105 was mounted on a light tactical vehicle and was first showcased Wayback in 2014 since then it has gone through many changes and now incorporates 100% indigenous technology. The 4×4 light tactical vehicle offers maneuverability in mountainous terrain and the Gun provides tactical and strategic firepower.

Pune-based Bharat Forge developed a 155mm/39 cal gun system mounted on a 4×4 platform MArG Extended Range is also under Army trials for the last few months and will emerge as a front-line contender for getting more orders in near future.

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