DRDO has started work on the FSO solution (Front Sector Optronics) a passive counter-stealth solution providing simultaneous visible and infrared capabilities for outstanding identification performance at long range for the Tejas mk2 program that will be also replacing the Russian OLS-30 IRST currently used in the Su-30MKI aircraft.

DRDO has been working on passive infrared search and track systems since 2018 and FSO will provide coverage of +/-80 in azimuth and +40/-20 in elevation with a target acquisition range for non-afterburning aerial targets over 50 km facing up to the target’s front hemisphere and over 100 km facing up to rear hemisphere with laser rangefinder with ranges up to 10 km for aerial targets.

Front Sector Optronics as per specs realized by the DRDO will be better than the Russian OLS-35 designed for the 4+ generation Su-35 fighter aircraft and way better than OLS-30 equipped on the Su-30MKI. IAF is looking to procure at least 100 IRSTs under the ‘Buy (Indian–IDDM) category for the SU-30 MKI aircraft under the ‘Make II’ sub-category under the ‘Buy (Indian–IDDM) category.

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