Super transporter Airbus Beluga landed at the Kolkata airport on Sunday, instantly becoming an exhibit for the people flying in and out of the city for its sheer size. The whale-shaped plane, which is used to transport outsized cargo, arrived at the Kolkata airport from Ahmedabad around 12.30 am for refuelling and crew rest, officials said.

The aircraft, which is a rare visitor to this part of the world, was scheduled to leave the city at 9 pm for Thailand, they said.

“Guess who’s back! It’s the whale again! One of the world’s largest aircraft @Airbus #Beluga (No. 3) landed at #KolkataAirport for crew rest and refueling,” the Kolkata airport tweeted.

Many flyers shared photos of the aircraft, which is 56 m long and 45 m wide, on social media.