Zafar Halali, A all seasonal warmonger and former Diplomat to Nigeria, Italy, and Yemen. who now appears as a geopolitical analyst in the majority of the Urdu speaking Pakistani news channels in apparent slip of tongue or guilt admission in a heated debate has confessed that Pakistan lost around 300 people in Balakot airstrike conducted by the Indian Air Force (IAF) last year, where Pakistani Military had claimed only One Crow dead.

Undated video going viral on Indian Twitter OSNIT community but seems recent because the discussion is going around possible surgical strikes that Pakistan recently claimed India is planning to do. Zafar Halali in the video is furious that the response to the Balakot airstrike by PAF was not appropriate and he is seen demanding airstrikes should have taken out Indian military installations that were the initial plan of PAF but later PAF claimed it was deliberately missed after IAF jets intercepted them.

Zafar Halali is an all seasonal warmonger who has been advocating War against India and has been supporting a Proxy war in Kashmir openly. Recently Pakistani dossier that blamed India for the killings in the Peshawar Army school, Zafar Halali in Pakistani media was seen arguing for similar attacks in Indian schools as revenge.

After India revoked Article 370 in 2019, Zafar Halali back then had told that “…What will the 4-5 permanent UNSC members say? Whatever they say, will they force Modi to take back his actions? This question does not arise. Modi cannot go back (on his decision),” Hilaly told Aaj News journalist Asma Shirazi during a televised show. “The question is how will this issue get resolved. I don’t think that Modi will be forced to retract due to national interests. It is better for us to understand that this issue cannot be solved by diplomacy. We need to do something as this is unacceptable,” he said. The diplomat opined, “I believe that there are two options — proxy war or war. Any one thing can happen.”

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