Former Navy Chief Admiral Arun Prakash in twitter said that there is a need to examine the performance of GTRE which has been developing GTX-35V/Kaveri engine for last 33 years and Government should now focus on recovering lost time and mus stop re-inventing the wheel and leap-frog in time by borrowing or buying reliable core engine technology by paying for it.

Prakash suggested M-88 engine core developed by the French Safran Aircraft Engines for the Dassault Rafale fighter to be used to develop the next generation of Kaveri engine which can be used to power AMCA/N-AMCA and MWF-AF/NAVY in the near future.

Prakash also stressed that when the country can develop a Mini-Nuclear reactor to power Arihant class of nuclear submarines and is in process of the developing higher class of nuclear reactors for bigger nuclear submarines class, we should re-examine the program and challenge our self to develop Kaveri engine by buying core technology or by developing a core technology locally by putting together greatest manpower in the country.

Prakash in the past had advocated using multi-organisation resources from Countries top research universities to ISRO and private defense companies pooling in their best manpower to complete the Kaveri engine program in time for reducing India’s dependence on imported engines.

Admiral Prakash, a war hero who was chief of Navy Staff and one of the finest Naval Aviator has been backing Navy to support indigenous aircraft programs like N-LCA and N-AMCA to meet Indian Navy’s Carrier based fighter jet requirements.

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