Admiral Arun Prakash Retd tells Shiv Aroor well known defence correspondent  that the killing Kaveri engine program was the biggest blunder by India and its right time for India to again start work on successor of the program or forever we will be depended on foreign engine manufactures for our jet engine requirements to the power of Indigenous fighter jets in near future. He also stressed that advancement in engine technology will be difficult to cover for India if we delay in the development of jet engines as the world over the development of new engine tech is underway.

Citing Chinese example, Prakash said that the Chinese WS-10 engine has been under development forever and yet Chinese have not given up on the jet engine since they know that they need to continue perfecting the jet engine technology and have produced 300 engines of WS-10 in Mark 2 and Mark 3 to power J10 and J11 jets even though it’s still not perfect.

Prakash also backed testing of the Kaveri engine in current configuration for airborne testbed even with deficient thrust so that in the future variant of the engine this can be corrected. Prakash also backed the development of various engines from ships, tanks, and cruise missiles to be made in India for Indian made systems.

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