The Myanmar Air Force has ordered several FTC-2000G midrange fighter jets from China after it encountered several technical issues with recently delivered JF-17 fighter jets from China which both China nor Pakistan was able to fix. The former Pilot of Myanmar Air Force has confirmed to the Burmese media outlet ” The Irrawaddy ” which operates from Thailand that structural cracks and other technical issues have surfaced, particularly in its wingtips and hardpoint when the aircraft pulls high Gs.

JF-17 fighters were procured in 2018 to replace the Myanmar Air Force’s aging F-7s and A-5s fleet. In June this year Pakistani Air force Transport aircraft was rushed to Mingaladon Air Force Station in Yangon with spares and a crew of 15 technical experts to fix this issue and also set up a JF-17 simulator for training pilots of the Myanmar Air Force.

China’s CAIG production facility at Chengdu-Huangtianba had asked Pakistani Air Force Technicians to help with this issue as they were restricted from International travel due to covid lockdowns in mainland China. Myanmar Air Force operates 16 Block II that were delivered in 2018 and in less than four years it has been facing a string of technical issues due to RD-93 engines, in part due to U.S. sanctions on the Russian supplier agency.