A Promotional video of the No.15 Squadron Flying Lances that are equipped with the Su-30MKI type was seen with patches of ” Astra Pioneers” suggesting that the missile now has become operational with the squadron and are now part of the combat air patrol (CAPS) sorties.

Flying Lances are not only early adopters of the first Indian made beyond visual range air to air missiles but also has been tasked to prepare optimum firing protocols of the missiles and its standard operating procedure that will be later followed by all other Su-30 squadrons that will later adopt Astra Mk1.

Flying Lances are based out of Halwara Air Force Station and is one of the oldest frontline airbases of the IAF in Punjab near the Pakistani border. IAF is presently equipping all Su-30MKI Squadrons with indigenous Astra Mk1 air to air missiles for which it has placed orders for 250 units from DRDO.

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