Isro chairman K Sivan speaking to Indian media talked about futuristic self-vanishing satellite technology that would enable spacecraft destruction, once its lifetime is over and Self-healing materials which can correct some of these defects by themselves even talked about quantum communication and advanced radars and other technologies that Chief says Isro is focusing on as part of the plan to prepare India for future.

But tall claims of the ISRO Chief have not gone well with the netizens who mocked him for the dismissal number of Orbital Launches in 2021 that has not happened due to the Covid pandemic this year. India has managed only two launches in 2021, the commercial PSLV mission in February which was a success, and the GSLV launch in August, which failed as the third cryogenic stage of the launch vehicle did not start.

ISRO’s lack of launches in 2021 means India is sitting with Iran with only two Orbital Launches in 2021 this year country that doesn’t even have a proper space research program and largely uses modified Ballistic missiles to launch small satellites.

Poor Orbital Launches in 2021 means Isro’s ability to compete in the global space market is going to be diminished significantly and ISRO Chief can’t shield behind Covid pandemic as China (47) and USA (39) have shown how rigid is their industrial space complex and in a way also exposed ISRO and its lack of industrial space complex due to which its initial plans for 10 launches this year is now limited to only 4 out of which one already has failed and two more planned later this year.

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