Kaveri Derivate engine aka Kaveri Dry currently under development to be used in Unmanned Combat Stealth Aircraft program in future will be undergoing Performance and operability demonstration across the flight envelope in the Altitude Test Facility is planned for 2021 as per information provided by GTRE. Kaveri Derivate engine will get Initial Flight Release (IFR) certification in 2024 if all goes well.

IFR certification is similar to the Airworthiness certificate that could allow the Kaveri Derivate engine to be tested on an aircraft or a Testbed aircraft. Kaveri Derivate engine will not have an afterburner section and will be able to generate 47 kN Thrust class, that’s sufficient enough to power an UCAV.

According to GTRE, the Kaveri Derivate engine will weigh 1180kg at Max, which seems to be on the higher side for an engine that doesn’t have an afterburner section. For example, the GE’s F404-GE-IN20 engine used on Tejas Mk1A weighs just 1,072 kg that has an afterburner section included. There is no clarity if the Kaveri Derivate engine weight mentioned also includes a Fluidic Thrust Vectoring exhaust nozzle to be used for the Unmanned Stealth Combat Aircraft program.

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