Defense PSU Hindustan Aeronautics Limited’s (HAL) new helicopter factory, has rolled out the first Light Combat Helicopter (LCH) that was manufactured at the facility. Earlier this year facility rolled out the first light utility helicopter (LUH) that was the first helicopter to come out of the new facility.

The helicopter factory in Tumakuru is spread across 615 acres and will be manufacturing over 180 LUH and over 150 LCH in near future. In the first Phase, this new facility can manufacture 30 LUH per year which will be enhanced to 60 per year in Second Phase.

The facility was also equipped to manufacture Russian Ka-226 Helicopters but it is likely that deal to procure this helicopter won’t go any further and nearly 200 Ka-226 that were to be procured from Russia and made locally in this facility might be converted into orders for the LUH since both are in the same class of Helicopters and to keep the same type.

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