Due to ongoing revisions in the design of the aircraft, the first flight of the Su-75 Checkmate has been delayed to 2024. Russia has confirmed that the delays were largely attributed to design changes but didn’t clarify if design changes carried out were of a major order. Su-75, a single engine 5th gen stealth fighter jet developed for the export market to compete with the American F-35 was first revealed at the MAKS Airshow in 2021 and originally planned for the first flight in 2023.

Russia plans to manufacture four prototypes of the Su-75 that will be used for developmental trials and has confirmed that it will be offered to close allies first. Russia has identified India, Vietnam, UAE, and some Middle-eastern countries that will be among the first countries that will be offered this jet when it is ready for production by mid-2027 or early 2028.

Russia still claims that the unit cost of the Su-75 will be $30 million and will be customizable as per the request of the export customers. Su-75 is Russia’s second fifth-generation fighter jet that it plans to develop after the completion of the Su-57 program.

India had walked out of the Joint development of the FGFA program which was an Indian-specific variant of the 5th gen fighter jet to be based on the base Su-57 due to various disagreements. India plans to roll out its 5th gen AMCA prototype aircraft by 2024-25 and induct them into service by 2030.

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