The first of the Light Combat Aircraft (LCA) Tejas in Final Operational Clearance (FOC) configuration SP-21 is ready for its first flight next week after it received crucial software upgrades from its partner Aeronautics Development Agency (ADA) along with teething issues with FOC equipment were resolved after rectification and multiple tests.

SP-21 sporting for the first time “Tipnis Grey” Paint scheme was sported at main runway of the old HAL Airport this week carrying out crucial Fast Taxi Trials after rectification and improved software upgrades which clears SP-21 to engage its engines for a better rate of climbs after take-off thus gaining altitudes at much faster rates.

Sources close to have informed us that FOC Tejas are more combat-ready and come with more weapons integration so that once the second squadron levels of 16 jets are made it can move to forward airbases. Some Important upgrades to the software and Tweaks to the engine will allow FOC Tejas to be used in Interceptor Roles with better performance after incorporating feedback from the pilots of the first squadron which has performed over 2000 sorties since 2016.

LCA-Tejas is our product, we can perform minor improvements and customization based on inputs from the squadron level pilots without need to run to OEMs said one of the informed sources close to SP-21 incorporates all the FOC configuration plus one suggested at a later stage and HAL has put efforts to make sure that from start SP-21 to SP-36 all come with the same equipment and do not have minor deviation as seen in the aircraft of first squadrons and maintains the same production quality so that upgraded Tejas Mk1A production line will be smoother and faster.

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