According to a story in the “Chinese Army Daily” on August 15, 2022, the Chinese Communist Party has mandated that all of its soldiers wear smart-sensing, explosive bracelets. They won’t be able to desert to the Indian army while the combat is underway thanks to the bracelet’s collective observation. According to CCP’s “Liberation Army Daily,” private soldiers who were taking part in military drills for the first time were anxious. The monitoring system that is built into each firepower continuously captures the face details of officers and soldiers, makes real-time psychological assessments of them based on data feedback, and archives them.

The refusal of PLA soldiers to engage in combat, particularly against the Indian army, has been identified as the cause of this forced monitoring. The CCP’s generals and officers are all corrupt, according to Jinsong Chen, a Chinese-American columnist and political analyst, and they all buy and sell power. Being a soldier cost money in the early years for men and women living in the countryside. They were promoted in the army when they joined the party based on how much bribery they could afford. The bulk of Chinese soldiers are still their parents’ only children, hence none of them are interested in fighting. The CCP has no faith in these soldiers as a result.

To prevent soldiers from defecting or giving themselves up, CCP previously created a technology that they could wear on their bodies and remotely detonate. The updated wristband can locate troops and plot a soldier’s GPS location on a map. The bracelet will start self-destructing if a soldier wanders too far from other soldiers, killing the defector and preventing the enemy from learning anything.

After the Galwan incident, the Sino-Indian border abruptly fell silent, and the CCP at last acknowledged that it was powerless to control India. According to recent PLA assessments, its soldiers are unreliable and susceptible to deserting in the heat of battle. The new wristband makes it possible for the political commissary officers in each unit to remotely blow a soldier to bits if he has any intentions of defecting or surrendering.