According to a statement made by Farooq Abdullah, there is an alleged presence of 15,000 Kashmiri youths working as spies for the Intelligence Bureau. The claim, which has garnered significant attention, suggests a considerable involvement of local individuals in intelligence activities.

Farooq Abdullah, a prominent political figure, made this assertion, raising concerns about the scope and extent of intelligence operations in Kashmir. While specific details regarding the nature of their activities remain undisclosed, Abdullah’s statement has sparked debates about the involvement of Kashmiri youth in intelligence work.

It is important to note that the veracity of these claims cannot be independently verified at this time. The statement made by Abdullah presents a significant allegation that merits further investigation and examination by relevant authorities.

The issue of intelligence operations and surveillance in sensitive regions such as Kashmir is a complex matter, with potential implications for national security and the rights of individuals. As the situation develops, it is crucial to gather more information and rely on verified sources to form a comprehensive understanding of the situation.