Abolition of Special Status to Jammu and Kashmir has been propagated and played out as a well planned Evil plan of Fascist Hindu regime in India to kill Millions of Sunni dominated Muslims in the Valley to such an extent in Pakistan that their own Prime Minister doesn’t shy away from mentioning and talking in length about RSS and Hindutva that pretty clearly looks like that local below par citizens are been brainwashed into believing that what is happening in Kashmir Valley is Religious War that India has imposed on them and how it is the obligation of every Pakistani Muslim to wage a war against India for Islam.

In short battle, grounds are been prepped to wage Jihad against India while Pakistani military establishment which is more interested in running Military business and country than actually fighting a conventional war with India, will be back seat driver in this Jihad War with India, but India won’t let Pakistan Army fight from the back and full-fledged war cannot be dismissed in the near future, which brings focus on rapidly evolving development in the region and how BrahMos cruise missile will not only be part of India’s offensive capacity to inflict major damage early on in a conflict, but it could also play a subtle role in applying pressure on Pakistan.

BrahMos Aerospace already has confirmed that development of Extended range BrahMos has been completed and new block with an additional range of 500 km already has been produced now and will play a crucial role in selective targets well inside the commercial hub of the Pakistani side of Punjab and Sindh.

India recently placed orders for coastal Batteries of Extended range BrahMos which practically will be used as a defensive weapon system to guard against incoming warship from the coastline especially to protect major commercial ports like Mumbai. But Placement of BrahMos in Gujarat coastline like in Gulf of Kutch will mean that the Indian Navy will have the capability to hit the whole of Karachi Port from the Indian mainland actually without even going close to their shoreline.

BrahMos, when fired in Salvo mode, will mean nothing is left to chance and the destruction is complete. BrahMos being an expensive weapon system will need to be used to take out strategic valuable targets which include Aircraft repair depot, Ports, Warships docked, Industrial complex, key military installations or fuel tanker farm. “Brahmastra” of India will cripple whatever economy is left of Pakistan that they are not in place to wage a war with India financially or have a difficult time to sustain it in the long run.

Even the Air-launched BrahMos-A carried only by the largest Indian fighter Sukhoi Su-30MKI has entered production and also play a crucial role against warships and high-value land-based targets in the mainland. Due to blistering Mach 3 speed, Pakistan doesn’t have in its possession an Air defense system which can intercept such missile, while Pakistani offensive capabilities largely rely on Sub-sonic cruise missiles which are easy to intercept. Effective use of BrahMos will decide how fast Pakistani Army surrenders in case of a full-fledged war.

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