A 60-year-old ex-serviceman has gone missing while his family had received a threatening message on phone along with a picture of the banned Popular Front of India, as per their police complaint on Tuesday.

Rajendra Prasad’s family alleged that he had been kidnapped and soon after he went missing, they received a threatening message “Sar tan se judaa, sar tan se judaa Ajmer via Pakistan’ on WhatsApp and then a second message was received which was a picture of the banned outfir.

Meanwhile, police said that a case has been registered and they have some clues, as per investigation.

In their complaint to the police, the family said Prasad had been working in a government girls’ school for the past three years.

“My father was working as admin in-charge at Government Sarvodaya Kanya Vidyalaya, Nithai. He used to return by 1.30-2 p.m daily but on Monday, he left for the school around 6.40 a.m and did not return,” his daughter said.

“We enquired from the school and the security guard said that he left soon after the school timings were over. After this, one of the family members informed the police,” she said.

“Around 2.10 p.m. on Monday, my brother received a missed call from my father’s mobile number. We continuously tried to call back but no one received the call. Soon after this, we received a WhatsApp message on my mother’s mobile number,” she said.

Meanwhile, she also alleged that around 10-15 days back, he had told everyone in the family that some people of the minority community have been following him and forcing him to join their organisation.