Former Pakistan High Commissioner to India Abdul Basit in an interview with Political commentator and Journalist Najam Sethi has acknowledged that Islamabad stands that talks between Indian and Pakistan will resume only when India will restore Article 370 in the Kashmir Valley is a nonstarter and even if there is regime change in India in the next election and main opposition party Indian National Congress comes to the power it is unlikely they will be in a position to restore Article 370 in the Kashmir Valley.

Basit came hard on Imran Khan’s Kashmir policies and said that by declaring that the war is not an option at the Pakistani Parliament let out pressure of possible conflict in the region and prevented intervention of others in the Kashmir issue. Basit advocated heating the Line of control to put pressure on India.

Basit on the question of back-channel talks between India and Pakistan said that it’s not the right time to have talks with India and if talks are indeed happening as confirmed by UAE Envoy, then Pakistan should demand something big from India for resumption of talks with India. Basit seems to be advocating India allowing the UN to resume their operations in the Indian side of Kashmir and allow Pakistani officials to be given access to Political parties like Hurriyat, while India also realizes the hardcore hardliners of the party that are either in Jails or in house arrest.

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