European multinational developed Eurofighter Typhoon is only jet that along with Dassault Rafale that had cleared technical rounds of trials that were conducted in now scrapped MMRCA tender that Dassault Rafale won based on the L1 tender requirements which made it cheaper than the Eurofighter Typhoon which many claim Eurofighter consortium lost by a small margin. has been told that the Eurofighter consortium plans to respond to the Request for Proposal (RFP) that the Indian Air Force plans to issue by end of this year or early next year with price cuts that might make the jet much cheaper than the Dassault Rafale.

Under new regulations, 18 jets will be procured directly from the winning OEM, and the rest 96 jets will be made in India but this time there will be no mandatory Transfer of Technology (ToT) involved in these jets nor any offset obligations that will allow OEMs to make aggressive price cuts.

As soon as proposals are received after issuing of the RFP, IAF plans to hold a Technical round of trials of selected jets that meets the above clauses and technical requirements .since Eurofighter Typhoon along with Dassault Rafale were the only jets that cleared these rounds it is expected to be again to be in the final round, but will it cross the finish line this time is to be seen.

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